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SAFE Transactions With ESCROW.COM is NOT a domain registrar, it is simply a web store giving access to a private portfolio of Keyword Rich Premium Generic Domain Names.

ESCROW.COM is the safest and simplest way to guarantee the transaction for both parties. Having the trasaction with a 3rd party that specializes in transactions ensures that you will receive the domain(s) that you are buying. When you create the contract of sale by purchasing the domain(s) at the transaction is moved immediately to ESCROW.COM. An Escrow transaction will be started using the purchasers details provided to during the contract of sale transaction. All ESCROW.COM fees for the transaction are paid by The amount agreed in the original contract of sale is all inclusive of ESCROW.COM transaction fees. Fees associated with the purchaser's registrar for acceptance and holding of the new domain(s) are the responsibility of the purchaser.

For more information regarding ESCROW.COM domain transactions click here. For any questions regarding domain transactions, please contact us.


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